New Business Motions

Categories: Club News

At the November 26th General Membership Meeting, under New Business, 2 bylaw changes were proposed by Walter Argent (Treasurer).  In accordance with our current Bylaws 2 meetings must be held with the Motions raised, seconded and carried in order to continue.  

They were:

Motion: It was moved by Walter Argent to raise the Work Hours from 12 to 20 hours.  Seconded by Jacob Robinson and carried

Motion:  It was moved by Walter Argent to increase the value of the rate of work hours not completed from $30 to $100.   Second by John Metcalf and carried.

These motions will be read again at the January 21, 2024 General Membership Meeting and voted on by the membership.  If adopted, they will come into effect for 2024.  

All members are encouraged to attend this meeting.