Commodore’s Report & Socially Distanced Launch Prep

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Commodore Report

LMYC Board of Directors met Wednesday evening electronically. Topic: Opening the Grounds for Boat Prep work.

Vice Commodore Chris reached out to our Local and Provincial governments asking for clarification on how the recent changes to restrictions on Marina’s pertain to Yacht or Sailing clubs. In both cases it remained unclear. Chris did reach Lasalle’s By-laws Officer who said that we could open our grounds as long as we stayed within the approved guides lines.

Guide Lines: Social Distancing / Limited number on property to no more than 10 / Buildings remain closed.

Restricted Opening of Club Ground May 9, 2020

What this means:

  • We continue to keep to ourselves and not gather or socialize while working on your boat.
  • Only 10 pre-approved members will be allowed on the property to work on their boat.
  • We will split the days in half from 8am – 3pm and then from 4pm to 9pm.
  • The Club House will remain closed. Under no circumstance is any one to enter the club for washrooms or any other reason.

How will this be rolled out:

  • Social Distancing will be left to each member to do what is right. It is you and your family that you put at risk by not following this guide line.
  • Andy Kozieradzki has volunteered to organize those 10 members scheduled to be on the property to work. At this time we will only be able to accommodate one person per boat to keep it under the total of 10 members on the property at a time. To schedule a date and time, each member is to email Andy at at least a day before the requested date before 8pm. Once you have been approved you will have that time and only that time. Please be respectful of others and abide by the time slot provided.
  • Unfortunately, we cannot open the Club for Grey Duck or Washrooms or provide safe alternatives. You must be prepared with all needs which include, food, drinks, supplies & equipment.

We are aware that these measures are far from ideal and will pose a great deal of inconvenience on everyone. As we move forward, we the Board may find that we can modify these guidelines and we will. Our goal is to provide the opportunity for everyone to get their boats ready and be safe while you do so. On that note, we are not prepared to address launching boats at this time. We will consider launch in a couple of weeks.

I want to caution everyone, for this to work and remain within the guidelines of local authorities we must be diligent and compliant. We anticipate we’ll have the by-law officers visit to ensure we are following all the rules. We do not want to be in a position where we are shut down or fined.

If there are any members that are not interested in Launching this season or are not in any hurry to prep their boat please contact Commodore Dave or Vice Commodore Chris. This will help in the scheduling of time to members that are wanting to prep.